Ms. Johnson, On behalf of the clergy and laity of the South Louisiana and Louisiana Conferences, Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, which were jointly held at the Shreveport Convention Center June 16-21, 2013, I wish to express our collective thanks for your magnificent kindness. Because of you, we were able to adequately meet the needs of our attendees and our business sessions. Our conferees had nothing but the highest commendations for the way your assistance enhanced our meetings.

Again, thank you for helping us facilitate our meetings!

Thomas L. Brown, Sr.                                View Letter
Fourth Episcopal District, CME Church
July 2013

This is a letter of recommendation for Mrs. Shirley Ford Johnson who have been providing copier/printer service to the Southern University at Shreveport campus for over 15 years. During this period, Mrs. Johnson has always and continues to provide outstanding service to the university, and in doing so, has become a trusted advisor and friend to all she has come in contact with. She has been able to assess the needs of our campus and provide less costly equipment for the various offices, as well as provide professional and courteous service to her many customers.

Having known Mrs. Johnson for a period of time, I have found her to be ambitious and very personable which has resulted in a friend-oriented working relationship with her. She is dedicated, committed, knowledgeable, and very accomplished in her attention to detail. She is always dependable and possesses a strong work ethic and passion for completing assigned tasks timely and with excellence. Mrs. Johnson has all the intellectual skills necessary to competently fulfill her role as an Account Representative and is mostly considered a valuable asset to the Southern University-Shreveport family.

It is without hesitation that I highly recommend Mrs. Johnson for your copier/printer business needs. If I can be of further assistance, I can be reached at (318) 670-9302.

Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration
Southern University Shreveport Louisiana
January 2013

Shirley Ford Johnson has been our Innovative sales rep since October 1997, and we have had a very good relationship with her and Innovative. We are very satisfied with both the products and service. Shirley is knowledgeable about the machines, the services they perform, and she is available to answer questions or give us a hands-on demonstration any time we need one.

We have three of the Lanier multi-functional machines [copy, fax, scan, print] and they have proven to be time and space savers. Whenever service is needed, the staff at the office as well as the techs who service the machines, are professional and have our copiers working as soon as possible.

Overall, it is our opinion that Innovative provides a high-quality product and a service department that I would recommend.

Faith N. Gilbert                                      View Letter
Chief Financial Officer
Franks Management Company, LLC
January 2013

Mrs. Shirley Johnson, with Innovative Office Systems, has been providing the copiers/printers for our church office for over fifteen years. She is very knowledgeable about the equipment that is best for our needs. She is able to look at what our needs are and determine the most efficient and less costly equipment for our offices.

Mrs. Johnson has always been very courteous and responds quickly to any questions we may have, and makes us feel as if we are her only customer. Customer service at Innovative Office Systems is great. The few times that we may of had to call for service, the response time was very fast.

Mrs. Johnson has also provided the copiers/printers for my employer as well. We have several printer/copiers which are used for a variety of tasks and we are very satisfied with the recommendations offered by Mrs. Johnson.

I highly recommend Mrs. Johnson for your office technology needs. If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Marilyn Smith                                       View Letter
Secretary, Trustee Board
Sunrise Baptist Church
(318) 834-9030
January 2013

In August 2002, our offices begin leasing several Gestetner's Digital Copiers from Innovative Office Systems, Inc. Over the years, we have upgraded our equipment in order to maintain an effective level of quality. We have been very pleased with both features and price. The prices have been in line with state contract pricing.

Our Sales Representative has always been Mrs. Shirley Ford Johnson. She is both reliable, dependable and has a passion for what she does. She explains all capabilities of the machine, and discussed other options that are available. Mrs. Johnson is always patient with the office staff as she trains them to become acquainted with the machine features. She makes it a point of checking back with us regularly to make sure that we are not experiencing any problems with the machine. Her response time is promptly when we call for service
Shirley Ford Johnson customer service is the best. My office staff, along with myself is pleased to recommend Shirley and the Innovative' staff when selecting a copier.


Darlene Cooper                                        View Letter
January 2013

Specialty Risk Associates, INC. was one Shirley's first accounts 16 years ago. During this time she has become a friend and a trusted advisor to Specialty Risk due to her attention to detail, dedication to knowing how our business operates and pairing emerging technology with our changing needs.

Shirley is dependable and honest and works as hard for us as we do for our customers. It is refreshing and comforting to know she is able and willing to assist us with all of our document management system needs.

Specialty Risk Associates, INC.
January 2013

I would like to express our extreme satisfaction in our recent lease of the Gestetner products from Innovative Office Systems. Both the copier and the laser printer are excellent products and I proudly recommend them to any company or organization.

I would like to say I strongly recommend Innovative Office Systems to anyone interested in a quality product and superior customer service.

Dawn Blewitt
Office Manager
Construction Plus

I have been in the purchasing profession for twenty years. During that time I have found the one thing that seems to be slipping away is customer service. Businesses have become consumed with ways to make the sale, or prove their products or service is better than the next guy, and they forget the most important aspect to the consumer. CUSTOMER SERVICE.

We have been with Innovative Office Systems for several years and have developed a superior working relationship. Customer service is in the forefront of the IOS team approach. The equipment line is excellent and we always receive timely service. I would not hesitate to recommend IOS to any business who would like an additional competitive edge.

Jim Firth
Bossier Parish Purchasing Agent

In referencing to past issues we have had with equipment:

I am writing to you today just to say how much I enjoy working with your staff. They are always excellent and prompt about answering questions, concerns and issues we have had about our equipment. Each time an issue has arose; we have picked up the phone, given a call and received prompt, satisfying service. It seems that your staff understands business needs and how frustrating and costly having equipment not operating properly can be.

Often in today's world, we are reminded of our mistakes. It isn't often that we hear of the "good jobs" we perform in daily business procedures. This is why I wanted to take a moment and say "Thank you" for an excellent staff that provides exceptional service on quality products.

Sussanne Davis
Administrative Sales Assistant / Radio
Rewards Coordinator
Clear Channel Radio

I would like to express our extreme satisfaction in our recent lease of the Lanier LDS540CSPF Digital System from Innovative Office Systems. We are now able to generate color newsletters, bulletins, etd in a very professional and high quality manner. Our new system is an excellent product and I proudly recommend them to any company or organization.

I would also like to compliment your outstanding sales representative, Shirley Ford Johnson. Shirley is very informed and knowledgeable regarding her product. She first assessed our needs and mada proposal as to what would best meet our growing demands. Shirley has since personally provided traning for our staff as well as excellent follow-up services. I know I can call Shirley at any time with a problem or question and she will provide an answer or resolution to the problem immediately. Shirley was the main determining factor in our selection of your company for our copier and printing needs
Again, I would like to say I strongly recommend Innovative Office Systems & Shirley to anyone interested in a quality and superior customer service.

Phil Haley
James + Hardy + Haley
A Group of Certified Public Accountants and Consultants

Hey Greg,

Thank you for checking in. Everything is great with our new office partner! We truly have seen a difference in not only the quality of the product we are able to produce from our office, but the ease and functionality has been off the chart improved!! Great recommendation and we are happy to be in partnership with IOS.

We'll let you know when we need help on this end.

Angela Fanner
Ashbury United Methodist Church



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